The Simpl Blog

  • Sustainable Swimwear

    At Simpl Swim, we are committed to bringing sustainability to all of our business practices. We are continuously achieving this by:

    • Creating an eco-friendly swimwear label
    • Designing swimwear made from recycled fabric
    • Giving back with i=Change
  • Introducing ECONYL®

    Fashion is one of the biggest contributors to pollution on earth. From production and manufacturing to packaging and delivery, the fashion industry is responsible for a lot of the waste and toxins. So what can be done?

    • Swimwear made from recycled materials 
    • Sustainable swimwear
  • Shop for change

     Did you know that at the end of every purchase, you get to choose to contribute to one of these causes through our partnership with i=Change?

    • Clean the sea
    • Restore the land
    • Support mental health