Bringing sustainable fashion to Australian women is our mission. 

Simpl Swim is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to a sustainable future. 

Slow fashion

At Simpl Swim, we don't support fast fashion. We create a limited number of designs each season in limited quantities. All our swimwear are made with quality materials to ensure the longevity of each piece. 

No single-use plastic

Wherever possible we limit the use of single-use plastic. From manufacture to delivering your orders to your door we use biodegradable substitutes to limit our use of plastic. 

Hero packaging

All our parcels are sent out in a 100% compostable, zero waste bag from Hero Packaging. They have a double adhesive strip for a second use, so if you do need to return your item you can use the same bag and we'll compost it on our end! 


We are proud to partner with i=Change. Through i=Change, we are raising funds to clean the sea, restore the land and support mental health. 

After every purchase you make, you can choose which cause to direct your donation towards and help us support these life-changing causes.


To keep to our promise of continuing to reduce our environmental footprint, we are committing to use ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fabric, in all future productions.

What is ECONYL®?

The journey of production begins with the rescue of industrial waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial fabric. The rescued material is then regenerated by ECONYL® via a radical regenerative and purification process. Once the materials have been regenerated back into Nylon, they are then spun into yarns and polymers, ready for production. That’s when we reimagine a new life for the ECONYL® fabric and Simpl’s production of sustainable swimwear begins. 

ECONYL® will be introduced into our range from our next collection launching Spring 2021.