10 ways to be sustainable in 2024

Want a simple, sustainable lifestyle to go with your sustainable Simpl Swim look? 
Here’s our top 10 tips on bringing a little more sustainability to your life in 2024!

  1. Reuse, repurpose and recycle
    Don’t be afraid to hold on to your pasta jars or ratty towels! You can reuse, repurpose and recycle so many things around us.

    With a pasta jar, you can store pantry items bought from bulk food stores or even a salad or soup for lunch! (Check out this recipe by The Girl on Bloor)

    Cut up your ratty towels and socks and use them to clean, instead of buying sponges and cleaning cloths.

  2. Eat and drink locally
    Transporting food and getting the transport to get food leaves carbon footprints both from the consumer and the supplier. So, next time you’re grocery shopping or eating out, choose your local vendors.

    Eating with the season also can help reduce your carbon footprint too!

    If you’re keen for a takeaway, take your own container so you can reduce even more waste!

    Pro tip: Seed & Sprout have the best range of reusable household items.

  3. Switch off!
    Go around the house and switch off any powerpoints not in use. This helps reduce your greenhouse emission. Try to keep heating and AC off for as long as you can. Try hot water bottles and hand held fans instead!

  4. Get your steps in
    Travelling smart will help you reduce your environmental footprint, while increasing yours. Try to swap driving for walking (or running) your any local errands If you can, take public transport!

  5. Do your research
    A big part of leading a sustainable lifestyle is researching and learning. We all have different lifestyles, which mean we have different capacities and access to sustainability. Doing your own research means you’re able to be your most sustainable, and not just by someone else’s standards.

  6. Vote with your dollar
    The more people shop with sustainable brands, the more sustainable products are valued, the faster the change. At the moment, the global market benefits from unsustainable products more than sustainable ones. We can change that by shopping locally and sustainably.

  7. Biodegradable everything
    Nowadays, you can pop down to your local supermarket to purchase a biodegradable version of many traditionally plastic products. From clingwraps, bin bags and sandwich bags, switch to a biodegradable option OR a reusable option.

  8. Get thrifty
    Second hand fashion is in! There’s no better way to add to your personal style than adding thrifted clothing. Unlike fast-fashion or mass produced clothing, you’re more likely to find a unique piece at a thrift store than anywhere else.

  9. Be selective with fabric choice
    There are many sustainable alternatives to fabrics like nylon, acrylic and polyester. At Simpl Swim, we use Econyl a 100% regenerated nylon fabric. There are also options like sustainable cotton, hemp, wool and organic linen and bamboo.

  10. Bottle it up
    Carry refillable water bottles and drink containers to avoid single use plastic waste. Don’t be shy and ask your morning juice to be served in your BYO container! Help your favourite businesses reduce their waste too.


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