Sustainable Swimwear

At Simpl Swim, we are committed to bringing sustainability to all of our business practices. We are continuously achieving this by:

  • Creating an eco-friendly swimwear label
  • Designing swimwear made from recycled fabric
  • Giving back with i=Change


Creating an eco-friendly swimwear label

Sustainability has been at the forefront of our company values since the very start. Simpl Swim started when Founder and Designer, Isabel, realised she wanted to create a brand that helped clean up our oceans. She wanted to achieve this by finding sustainable substitutes throughout the product life cycle. 

So, as a starting point, we began with ensuring sustainable methods of packaging and delivery. Making sure there was no single-use plastics used in the product life cycle. We chose biodegradable sanitary liners by The Better Packaging Co, recycled paper hang tags and biodegradable satchels by HeroPackaging to deliver our products. 


Designing swimwear made from recycled fabric

As of 2022, we introduced a regenerated nylon fabric, called ECONYL® into our South Coast Edition range. This was an exciting step forward, as it allowed us to expand our brand beyond sustainable swimwear with access to high quality, sustainable fabric. Read more about ECONYL® on our blog.


Giving back with i=Change

We are proud partners of i=Change. This partnership also allows us to further inspire change — with every purchase our customers make, we get to donate to a life-changing cause together. 

  • Clean the Sea
  • Restore the Land
  • Support Mental Health 

Read more about our partnership with i=Change on our blog.


Sustainable swimwear being worn at the beach


We are inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the planet, and believe it is our mission to make sure we preserve it. It’s a work in progress, but we are proud to be taking positive steps forward as our business evolves. 


“It’s an incredible feeling knowing that you are doing something that is making a positive impact. Before starting Simpl Swim I was on a holiday in Bali, my partner and I visited the most beautiful beach but it was covered in plastic. You could not swim in the water without touching a straw or food wrapper - it was awful seeing such an amazing place ruined by unnecessary disposables. It was then that I started researching ways that I could help clean up our oceans. Knowing that Simpl Swim grew from an idea around creating a sustainable future is something that will always direct the way we operate.” 

- Isabel, Founder and Designer


As consumers ourselves, we value transparency and trust when it comes to sustainable practices. You can keep up-to-date with our sustainability journey right here on the blog and our dedicated page for sustainability

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